About Us

Our goal here at iTeck, is to provide every customer with services and repairs that are over and above the ordinary service you would expect. We put YOU first! We accomplish that by using the highest quality parts available while using our more than 15 years of expertise to your satisfaction.

Our Advantages

We love technology, and all of it’s aspects and gadgets. We take our business personally and strive to stay up to date on all the processes and different devices you may have. We are here to help and no problem is too great for iTeck.

And lastly, we love to learn! We are continuing to learn as technology changes so quickly.

Stop in and let us help you get back to work. We may not have every answer, but we sure will try to do the best we can. We have over 15 years experience in computer repair and over 10 years in cell phone repair. We have served Brevard County for over 15 years and we look forward to serving you for as long as we can.

Highest quality parts

All the components installed in devices are the highest quality parts on the market.

Professional and quality service

Our branches have a specialized laboratory to perform micro repairs.

Quick turnaround

We keep all our parts in stock so we can get your device up and running again the fastest we possibly can.

Guarantee our work

Our quality guarantee goes with your device upon receipt.

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Our customers are with us Our service and the results of our work make our clients give us excellent comments, such as the following

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